Volendam is flooded with busloads of tourists every year. Not really relaxing to enjoy fishing, costumes and museums like that. Fortunately, from beautiful Amersfoort, we have a nice alternative: Spakenburg. Here you will find traditional botters in the old traditional harbor and a wonderful museum with an exhibition on farm life and authentic costumes. There are also plenty of places to grab a tasty fish. With a distance of about 17 kilometers, this is also perfectly doable by bike!

We take you for a day of Primitive Dutch history. Cycling from Amersfoort to Spakenburg, we follow the curves of the Eem River, once a waterway used for trading textiles and beer.

First stop: Het Lokaal

Spakenburg fietsroute Het LokaalTo reinforce the Amersfoort experience, we included a first stop at Het Lokaal included in the route. Here you can buy delicious organic, local produce for a tasty picnic along the way. The views invite you to lay down a rug or even take a summer dip in the water when the sun shines. The trail takes you past meadows, waterfowl and concrete bunkers left over from the war.

The atmospheric Spakenburg

Foto's spakenburg fietsroute bottersArriving in Spakenburg, of course you visit Museum Spakenburg. In the summer you can even take a trip on the museum boat! The small atmospheric village possesses a wide variety of (fish) restaurants and cafes.

After you've feasted your eyes (and stomach), you can start your journey back home satisfied. You can do this by bike, of course, but it's even more fun to hop on the Eemlijn bicycle boat!

Take the bike boat

Spakenburg fietsroute Fietsboot EemlijnOn Wednesdays and Saturdays, the bike boat departs at 2:15 p.m. from the west pier of the new harbor in Spakenburg: how convenient! Once on board, put your bike down in the hold and find a spot on the upper deck.

The skipper starts the engine and enjoy! With your head in the wind while enjoying a cold refreshing drink. The cruise provides total relaxation but if after some time you are ready to move again you can step ashore in Soest. You pass the Eemlijn, wave a little ... and then you can enjoy the breeze along the waterfront again.

Close your bike ride properly

spakenburg fietsroute Ijs van vitelliArriving back in Amersfoort, you will gladly finish with the handmade artisanal ice cream from IJs van Vitelli. The vintage gasoline pump reveals the history of this old small building. On the terrace, reminisce about a day full of culture, exercise and history.

You want this too!

Foto's spakenburg fietsrouteWhat do you think! Is this bike route for you? You can view and download the two routes below.

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