Did you know that Amersfoort has always been a true city of beer? Because of its location on the Eem River, brewers had access to high quality water. This was necessary for the production of beer, lots and lots of beer! In the Middle Ages the city had no less than 50 breweries, which at the time was good for a4th place in the top 5 beer cities of the Netherlands.

Even today, beer plays an important role in Amersfoort, which is why we have put together the one and only Amersfoort Beer Route, so you can discover the tastiest beers in Amersfoort!

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Traditional beer

For real traditional beers, visit Stadsbrouwerij De Drie Ringen in the middle of the city center, where the brewery's roots go back to 1626! From the small terrace you have a view of the beautiful historic Koppelpoort. The gleaming copper kettles give the café an artisanal feel. The beer called Vuurvogel is one of the beers that dates back to the time of the brewery's founding, and is well worth a try. What makes De Drie Ringen so special is that they still use a traditional fermentation room. Want to know more about exactly how this process works? Then take one of the tours of the brewery.

From kitchen pan to brewery: Rock City Brewery

The largest beer production takes place at Rock City Brewing. A real beer factory on the Mining Road. Owner Koen started brewing beer as a hobbyist in his own kitchen, which has grown into a nationally sold brand. What is important to Rock CIty is authenticity and coziness. This is evident in the decoration of the location and the special flavors of beer. Inside you will find vintage sofas, a sleek oak interior with a view of the huge steel brew kettles and lots of plants. Outside, you'll find an attractive covered terrace. In the cool brewpub they serve the most daring beers as well as the most delicious Nachos pulled pork of Amersfoort!

Taste it yourself

Bike Biertour bierbrouwerijen De Dikke Koning
That Amersfoort is a true city of beer is proven by its wide range of local breweries. How about the beers from Brouwerij 't Mirakel, Louis Loyal, Brouwerij Oerbron, Brouwerij De Rode Hoed, Brouwerij Katuin, Kwartierbier or Eric's Beer Craft? Want to taste all these beers? Then visit the following beer bars or beer stores:

  • The Dikke Koning is a cozy pub with ditto terrace and with over 300 beers on the menu.
  • Beer store HOP is 100% Amersfoortian! This little beer paradise has been in the middle of downtown since 2014. Over 600 beers from all over the world to treat yourself at home.
  • Beer store Hoptimaal has been located in Amersfoort's youngest neighborhood since 2018: Vathorst. Next door you will find beer bar Tjaps. A mix of English Pub & American Sportsbar.
  • Last but not least ... be sure not to forget the familiar beer pubs where locals have enjoyed a variety of beer for years: Lobbes, Marktzicht, Onder de L inde and Van Zanten.

Follow the Amersfoort Beer Tour and find out for yourself!

Bike Biertour bierbrouwerijen
To honor our beautiful beer city, we have developed an Amersfoort Beer Tour along all these hotspots! Along the way you will pass several city parks and a piece of the picturesque river Laak.

Want to do the route by bike? Then pay attention: most pubs are located in the downtown shopping area. In Amersfoort, cycling in the shopping area is allowed before 11:00 a.m. and after 5:30 p.m. (Thursday after 9:00 p.m.). If you can still cycle at all after this tour. ;-)

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Have fun & cheers!

Locations in route order:

1. The Three Rings: Little Spui 18
Rock City Brewing; Mijnbouwweg 15
Hoptimaal: Leeghwater 14
4. Van Zanten: Bloemendalsestraat 2
De Dikke Koning: Appelmarkt 18
6. Café Onder de Linde: Groenmarkt 9
Lobbes: Hof 10a
8. Bierwinkel Hop: Behind The Old Town Hall 2
Marktzicht: Lieve Vrouwekerkhof 2


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