CREATIVE, MANUAL or just plain FUN....

What will make your visit to Amersfoort complete? A fun workshop or an educational course!


Stop by the Cotton Print Shop in the Volmolen and design your own bag, take a barista workshop or grab your brush and go paint at the Mondrian House. We've listed the most original tips for you.

Tufting Workshop

Do you enjoy being creative? Then this workshop is the one for you! Learn tufting with a tuftgun at Mr.Bunny and decorate your own unique 3D mirror frame with a cuddly look. Discover the magic of tufting soon!

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Studio Mr.Bunny

Step out of your comfort zone - Discover a new hobby, try something new and get out there!

Chocolate Workshop

In this workshop you will not only make delicious chocolates, but also learn how to use simple decoration techniques to make your creations shine.

Dr. Chocolate shows you how to get started on your own with stuff you already have at home. Of course, we won't forget the art of tempering. Ready to become a chocolate expert?

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Dr. Chocolate

Cocktail workshop

Always wanted to shake cocktails out of your sleeve? Slide behind the bar for a cocktail-making workshop. From classics to TIKI cocktails: it's up to you!

The professional bartender will tell you all about the necessary techniques and tools like jiggers, strainers and muddlers. Bring your favorite company; the workshop is possible from six people upwards.

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WestWing Speakeasy Cocktail Bar

The best workshops IN Amersfoort! - Our tips for courses and workshops:

Grab a bite to eat after your workshop?

Discover the best restaurants in Amersfoort, including vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan options.

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