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Hear the most beautiful sounds at Holland Opera
Feel culture come alive at Flint
Watch great movies at de Lieve Vrouw
Have a drink and dance at FLUOR
Browse the agenda of production house Kosmik
Experience unique theater at ICOONtheater
Sparkle with creativity at Scholen in de Kunst

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Experience the magic of the brand new theatrical seIsion

Full of enthusiasm, De Lieve Vrouw and Flint are throwing open their doors again. The new theater season is here! We spoke with Ingrid Melman (programmer at De Lieve Vrouw) and Maaike Boersma (of the Programming Department at Flint) about emerging names, raunchy stories and the themes that inspire today's theater makers.

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A night out - at one of the Amersfoort venues


    Over 30 years the music venue of Amersfoort and surrounding areas.

    FLUOR Poppodium Fluor - Uit in Amersfoort - Inside

    Cultural venue and Production House for creative makers.


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