Which hiking trail will you go for?

Do you know every mushroom and blade of grass in the park around your corner? Go out and discover all there is to walk in Amersfoort and its surroundings!

It is great to count steps along the babbling waters, through the dense forests and over the vast sandy plains. Or take a themed walk. As an avid coffee slurper, get your coffee to-go every time at a different coffee shop on the Amersfoort coffee bucket list.


Walk through beautiful Amersfoort, voted European City of the Year! Join our English speaking city walks, every three weeks on Saturdays. Let our passionate guide take you to the hidden places and cultural gems of our city. First stop: the Tower of Our Lady.

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The Rondommetje is a pleasant walking route of over three kilometers around the heart of the city. Perfect for a leisurely walk of about three quarters of an hour. It is a fun way for Amersfoorters to be active, meet new people and see the splendor of their city from every angle.

The route takes you from the Koppelpoort to the Flint, via De Kamp to Monnikendam then you walk past the Kei, Amicitia and the back of the Jorisplein to the Town Hall. Via the Annie Brouwerplantsoen you walk back to the Koppelpoort. The great thing is: you can walk the Rondommetje whenever you want, with whomever you want.

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Out and about with FASADE

FASadE regularly organizes excursions in and around the city. FASadE also develops beautiful route maps that can be cycled on your own. you can order the routes through the FASadE website but they are also available at the tourist office.

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Great for hiking!

City walk and beer tasting

Over the centuries, Amersfoort has gained quite a reputation as a beer city. Together with a guide you will discover all the old streets, squares and canals. Do all those facts about beer make you thirsty? Afterwards you can taste the beers brewed at De Drie Ringen. Reservations can be made via info@dedrieringen.nl

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