Eating out in Amersfoort - We'll help you take a bite, ehhh... step on the way!

Amersfoort has a rich culinary scene. That doesn't make your choice of restaurant any easier. Therefore, we tip a few of the city's most popular eateries.


Do you enjoy dining out luxuriously? Then Merlot is sure to appeal to you. The chef of this restaurant has been named 'Chef of the Year 2023'! For a crazy interior full of surprises - combined with a burgundian menu - Dikke Dirck is the place to be. Or slide into Rozey and sample their vegetarian and vegan cuisine. For a fixed price, you share incredibly delicious dishes with your party for the evening. Fancy a delicious bowl of Pho or other authentic Vietnamese dishes? At Ninh Binh you will want to have eaten once!

Hysterical enjoyment at Dolle DIva

A bar with more than 100 chandeliers, the brightest colors and furniture that screams to be seated there. Dolle Diva is a true experience! Order one of the delicious dishes accompanied by a cocktail. Almost needless to say, Dolle Diva is also the perfect place to give your insta timeline some class.

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This is where I want to go

5x vegetarian & vegan - These restaurants and lunchrooms have a (partially) vega(n) menu


Score a delicious breakfast or lunch

Why wait until tonight to eat out? In Amersfoort, you can eat out deliciously any time of day. Kickstart your day with artisan baked breads, a freshly blended smoothie bowl and delicious coffee. Your breakfast tastes nowhere as good as in one of the charming coffee shops in Amersfoort. Or break your (work) day with a good lunch. Cozy in between shopping or with that friend with whom you need to catch up.

Fish, meat or vega(n)? We've got you covered!

winding down with a cocktail

End the day with a delicious cocktail? We have for you THE list of the best cocktail bars in town.

At WestWing Cocktail bar, for example, the Speak Easy bar concept is coming back to life. Make a reservation, look for the hidden door and open it with the secret code. That's how you end up in a secret world available only to a lucky few....

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