Mojito, Gin-Tonic, or an espresso Martini... The patio season has begun again! For me, nothing beats a delicious sweet cocktail on a sunny terrace. And if the sun is not shining, Amersfoort has plenty of other places where you can have a drink indoors or under the roof. Whether you prefer to drink one of the famous cocktails, or want to try something different; the choice is vast! I take you along some great places where you can enjoy different, tasty cocktails.

Mad Diva

Dolle Diva is an extravagant experience where you will taste flavors from around the world. An over the top bar with eyecatching cocktails and a breathtaking, lavish interior. More than a hundred crystal chandeliers hang from the ceiling and velvet couches call out for cocktails. Everywhere you look there is something to see!

While drinking your cocktail, have one of the delicious shared dining dishes. For a moment, imagine yourself in another world and celebrate life with your friends and family. It's hysterical, and we love it!


WestWing is Amersfoort's only Speak Easy cocktail bar. A concept that has blown over from America. A secret bar that you can only enter with a reservation. With the access code you get, you have to discover how to get in to drink delicious cocktails.

On the menu you will find the most unusual drinks, something for everyone. Besides the cocktails on the menu, they also make all the classics, so you can order your favorite cocktail either way. You can also go there for professional cocktail workshops!

Bartender tip: ask for the "Japanese Mafia" for a truly special cocktail experience.

Fat Dirck

Upon entering Dikke Dirck, you get right into the mood. Wherever you look, each piece is decorated with attention: floating objects, old radios, projections and more. Besides a burgundian look, there's always a cozy song on the speakers.

At Dikke Dirck, they have a wide range of cocktails you can sample. One of the most popular cocktails is the Pornstar Martini, a tropical and creamy cocktail with a glass of prosecco next to it to neutralize the taste after each sip. When you finish the drink, you can scoop out the passion fruit.

Tip from the bartender: A special cocktail is the pink cloud this one is with pink gin, lemonade and cotton candy. You can drop the cotton candy into your drink and it will be completely absorbed.

The Professor

The Professor Amersfoort is a trendy place where you toast with the fanciest cocktails. De Professor has a mix of shared fusion street food, elements of different culinary styles, delicious cocktails, healty lunch and relaxed seating, where you can enjoy the most delicious dishes during the perfect lunch or delicious dinner and stay up late drinking with your friends.

In addition to the delicious cocktails, De Professor organizes the 'Professor Koortz' party once a month.


At Alberts you can find a nice spot inside, or linger on their terrace at Hof. That way, after your delicious cocktail, you can go straight to nightlife spots like Curtis, Miles or Koetje. You can even order cocktails here that are not on the menu.

Fancy a slightly different cocktail than usual? Alberts also has delicious beer cocktails, such as Pumpkin Spice. Of course, you can also have a delicious snack here.

Bartender Tip: Paloma's trendy drink is nice and fruity, great for the summer months!

Boothill Saloon

On Krankeledenstraat you have a unique catering offer and a beautiful view of the Our Lieve Vrouwetoren. Here you will find Boothill Saloon, an ideal place for a social drink with friends. The decor and the boots on the ceiling create a country atmosphere. You can also play pool here.

If you walk to the back of Boothill, you'll be surprised by a large, covered patio: the Krankeledenplantsoen. Boothill Saloon has a fixed cocktail menu as well as a cocktail of the week.

Tip from the bartender: Enjoy a fruity cocktail with pineapple, ginger beer, bitters AND lime. Hmmm...

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