Extended drinks are always a good idea. Whether you want to catch up with your friends or kick off the weekend with colleagues. In our historic center you have plenty of great places to do this. You just have to find them. With these tips we would like to give you a hand with that!


Wine bars & breweries


End the day with a delicious cocktail. We have for you THE list of the tastiest and the nicest cocktail bars.

At WestWing Cocktailbar, for example, the "Speak Easy bar" concept is coming back to life. Make a reservation, look for the hidden door, open it with the secret code and you will find yourself in a secret world available to a lucky few....

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This is what I want!

Drink of the month!

Every month we highlight a locally brewed drink. In both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic field, Amersfoorters know what to do. Whether you go for a delicious wine, a refreshing beer, a special cocktail or a special-fresh: in Amersfoort they make it!

With this month's spotlight: Mountain Pavilion Rosé!

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Drinks in the center of Amersfoort

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