Are you a fan of Dutch history? Then don't miss the Cavalry Museum in Amersfoort! It is unique in the Netherlands if you ask me. From beautiful original uniforms to armored cars and tanks (that actually drive!). We got a tour and were immersed in the history of the cavalry and discovered the link with Amersfoort.

The Cavalry Museum can be found on the grounds of the Bernard Barracks. On this site, in the years 1938/1939, the first buildings of the Bernard Barracks were placed especially for the cavalry. Eventually, the barracks became a typical cavalry barracks until the end of 1996. So the fact that the museum is located here is certainly no coincidence! ;-) Today the Bernard Barracks is the largest training center within Defense.

Entering the field

It is not often, say never, that I have to show my passport to visit a museum. Because the Cavalry Museum is on the grounds of the barracks, you must first report to the guard. A special experience in itself!

Hearing, seeing and experiencing

Once at the museum, we are welcomed by our enthusiastic guide. We learn (almost) everything about the Dutch cavalry in two hours. From operating on horseback to tanks.

Extraordinary to not only hear this history from our guide, but also see it through the extensive collection and experience it through the unique location of the museum.

From uniform...

I will honestly confess: if there are clothes on display in a museum, I am already converted. That way, I always find history comes alive a bit more than just through photographs or paintings. In that respect, I was able to enjoy myself at the Cavalry Museum.

You'll find a fine collection of uniforms that also tell a fascinating story in their own right (there's even an original uniform from 1830!). From the colorful, striking clothing in the days of cavalry on horseback to the camouflage colors familiar to us today. horse, bicycle and wagon

Not only have uniforms changed drastically over the years, but the mode of transportation has also seen many changes. At the Cavalry Museum, you can see that change with your own eyes. From horses to bicycles and from the first armored cars to tanks.

For these last vehicles, we walk to the second building of the museum. Here are original armored cars and tanks. These are maintained so well by volunteers that they actually drive! And that fact ensures that they are regularly loaned out for film productions including The Battle of the Scheldt.

Well worth a visit

As far as I am concerned, the Cavalry Museum is well worth a visit. Not only for its unique and impressive exhibition, but also for the connection that the cavalry had (and still has) with Amersfoort.

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