Studio Sutra is a new yoga studio in the heart of Amersfoort. In their beautiful building on the Appelmarkt you can now escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Would you like more contact with your body and more balance in your life? The yoga classes of Charlotte and Michelle will take you further on the path of awareness. Would you rather relax in complete surrender? Then you can also book a massage with Michelle.

The first thing I notice when I walk into the studio is the nice, sweet smell that fills the room. We receive a warm welcome from Charlotte, one of Studio Sutra's two owners. She takes us upstairs, where there is a kitchenette and rest area.

The space has a warm and oriental feel, thanks to natural materials, earthy colors and cosmic artwork on the walls. While Charlotte prepares tea for the group, she talks about her passion for yoga. Among other things, she teaches a form of yoga called Hatha, which I am about to join. You can also take classes in Hatha Alignment, Hatha Flow, Yin Yoga, Lu Jong and Restorative Yoga.


Back in the moment

Back downstairs, I see that everything is already laid out. With each yoga mat is a yoga pillow, sheepskin, blanket, two cubes and weighted fabric. I am immediately curious what we are going to use all this for! Everyone takes a seat on the yoga cushion to begin a relaxation exercise. Under Charlotte's guidance, I focus on my breathing and make conscious contact with my body and all that is going on in it. I completely return to the now. And the real lesson has yet to begin!

Balance between Yin & Yang

After this practice, Charlotte takes us through the philosophy behind Hatha Yoga. In Hatha Yoga, the masculine energy, Yang, and the feminine energy, Yin, come together. This is evident in the way the class builds up. We begin with gentle, yet powerful postures close to the ground and slowly work our way up to some standing warrior postures.

How good is your balance?

Thanks to the awareness exercise at the beginning, I am with my full attention to the different postures. And thank goodness, because you literally need balance for this! And concentration. The class consists of a nice combination of challenge, relaxation and effort. We use the blocks here and there to improve our posture or make an exercise easier.

We end the session lying down on the mats. Charlotte places the weighted cloth over our eyes and the cubes for support under our legs. I feel relaxed and energized at the same time. We chat after with a tasty cup of tea. What a wonderfully zen start to the day!

Breathwork, cacao ceremonies and more!

Also fun: in addition to yoga classes, you can take massages and inspiring workshops with one of the (guest) teachers. For example, I myself have always wanted to follow a breathing workshop and cacao ceremony! Studio Sutra is a nice, safe and above all inspiring place for anyone interested in the rich culture of yoga.

Find out for yourself!