One of the nicest things about Amersfoort is that it is so nice and central. And that's not just because you can literally find the cadastral center of the Netherlands here. No, Amersfoort is also in the middle of many natural areas. As a result, there are no less than five different landscapes to discover. You step into a different world over and over again and really get away from it all. Although the diversity makes you feel like you've seen all of the Netherlands, it's all accessible from Amersfoort by bicycle or e-bike.

Taste the countryside

Flowers in the meadow













Photo: Femke van Dinther

Cycling in the fresh air among meadows and cows. Did you know that within half an hour you can cycle right into the countryside? Riding among the greenery and farms is guaranteed to relax you. In between stops at country stores selling local products or at picking gardens for a beautiful bunch of flowers. It doesn't get any fresher or more local!

For your list

Country stores
Cheese farm de Staelenhoef (Soest)
Country store De Kopermolen (Stoutenburg)
Country store De Kastanjeboom (Bunschoten-Spakenburg)
Ravenstein farm (Baarn)

Pick gardens
Fruit garden Trés Jolie (Achterveld)
Picking garden Stoutenburg (Stoutenburg)
Garden pick-your-own ( Putten)
Picking Garden For You (Voorthuizen)

Into the woods

Forest Amersfoort

Photo: Femke van Dinther

On a summer day, the forest is lovely. The sunlight beautifully filtered through the leaves, the whistling and rustling of birds and sweet blackberries and blueberries to feast on. Also delicious: it is not so hot thanks to the natural canopy. You can explore the forest on foot, but it is also nice to make it a bike ride.

There are several estates and even castles in the region. Some of them you can visit, such as castle Groeneveld in Baarn and the Herman van Veen Arts Center on estate de Paltz in Soest. Beautiful places for a walk are: Den Treek, forest area Nimmerdor and Birkhoven.

See the heather in bloom

Leusderheide Amersfoort

Photo: Bianca van der Aalst-Koedijker

For a moment you imagine yourself alone in the world when you walk through the vast Leusderheide in the morning. If you come at the right time and the heath is in bloom, the purple glows ever more exuberantly as the sun rises. A fan-tas-tic sight that really belongs on your bucket list! It's great to see with your own eyes, but also unique to capture. And the perfect place for a beautiful photo of yourself. If you get there very early and are lucky, you can even spot deer.

Back in time

Pasture Amersfoort

Photo: Femke van Dinther

Are you a real nature freak or birdwatcher? In De Schammer and Bloeidaal you can bird watch to your heart's content and see Dutch nature in all its glory. Since the meadows and fields have been redeveloped, nature is increasingly taking over. Walking among the flowery fields and swaying reeds you will find streams and marshland. Discover Gelderse Valley as it once looked.

Picnic in the dunes

Soesterduinen Amersfoort

Photo: Bram Petraeus

The Long and Short Soesterduinen are the perfect setting for a cozy picnic under one of the whimsical trees. There is plenty of space, so you can enjoy kite flying or hiking with your dog. There are special hiking areas for the latter. For children (and some adults) it is a huge sandbox in which you can play nicely. And actually, I think everyone should have rolled down one of those dunes once.

Discover the Eemmeer

Port spakenburg

Photo: Marisa Broekhuizen

Do you love water? Pay a visit to Bunschoten-Spakenburg. Step back in time and discover the old fishing past in one of the museums.