Sounds and harmonies, rhythms and melodies: wander through the center of Amersfoort and you will hear them. Where they come from? Ask Joris Postulart, who as pop programmer and artist POSTIE knows the live music in this city like the back of his hand!

Joris Postulart - POSTIE - photo by: Aylin van den Houten

The first time Joris saw a punk band at work, a world opened up to him. "I must have been fourteen and thought: I want this too!" And so it happened. The best man made it far with the band ' Stennis" . He is also steadily making a name for himself as a solo act and YouTube sensation POSTIE. When Joris is not making music, he is programming both in and out of town for pop venues. So if anyone is familiar with the scene, Joris is it!

Starting at pop venue FLUOR, the largest pop venue in the Amersfoort region. Joris is active here as a talent developer. "This is a relatively young city and you can see that in the programming. For example, we organize the band competition 'Kei van Amersfoort,' give local hip-hop talent a chance at 'Gravel Pit' and have many more different tracks for all kinds of music makers." Besides the musical bosses of tomorrow, at FLUOR you will also see the (inter)national heroes of today. Asked about his favo show at this pop temple, Joris has an immediate answer ready: "Eefje de Visser gave one of the best shows we've ever had here last year. Or rappers Rico & Sticks, a few years ago. Then the whole venue was packed and I stood on a bench on the side looking over all those moving heads. That was tremendously cool!"

On to Boothill Saloon on Krankeleden Street! Here, too, Joris provides the musical program. "This is a rock pub that is fun for everyone. They serve delicious, American beer and every other Friday there is solid live music. There have cool classics on stage, like Fat Dennis and Fuck! In addition, Boothill has the nicest back patio in town: a cozy beer garden."

Joris guides us to our next stop: café Pitchers at Groenmarkt. "An old-fashioned cool music bar. Pitchers has a small stage, so you immediately stand with your mouth in front of the live band. You'll find lots of cover bands, jam sessions and regular pianists here, too. Give them a bill with your favorite song and they'll play it right away. The owner of Pitchers, Vincent van Brakel, programs whatever he feels like. And he is often in the mood, so this is an awesome place for the music lover.'

Photo by: Michael Bosboom

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Top tip from Joris: dive into café Miles at Hof on Friday nights! Chances are you'll experience the 'Friday Night Sessions' then. "The best session musicians in the Netherlands take over the stage then. You might just see the guitarist from Handsome Poets or Jett Rebel playing. By the way, there's almost always a band or jam session going on there, so feel free to walk in any day of the week!"

Text: Thijs Tomassen

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