Want to learn something new or practice your tricks? At Skate Centrale you can skateboard indoors, so the rain will never bother you. Enjoy your comfy clothes and an old pair of sneakers or at least something you feel comfortable in. Come to the Skate Centrale and find out what this spot has to offer such as lessons and second-hand clothing. At Skate Centrale it's not just about skating, but a community of skaters of all ages and levels. So it doesn't matter if you're a seasoned pro or just starting out. What are you waiting for?


Sessions and classes

Every Saturday morning classes are taught by skateboard school Skate Days at Skate Central. This is for all levels and ages. "From the basics to the fattest tricks, everything can be learned," says Max Hartveld of Skate Days. Don't have a skateboard, scooter, helmet or other protection yet? No problem, you can rent everything on location.

Want to get started on your own after some lessons? For that, Skate Centrale has plenty of different sessions. So you can drop by once for just €6.50, or score a rides card with 12 sessions for the price of 10. The full weekly schedule can be found on the website. Here you can also make reservations right away.


Second-hand clothing and hardware

That's not all Skate Centrale has to offer. The Skeershop* sells used clothing and all the essential skateboarding materials you need. Think cool sneakers that last, oversized hoodies and refurbished wheels. So this is the ideal place to affordably buy your first skateboard of your own.

By Madelief Smal and Diede van Beek