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Krommestraat 5
3811 CA Amersfoort
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The Waterline has 4 standard routes: West Route, East Route, Vestingvaart and Beekdalvaart. In season, they sail the West Route and East Route every day (not on Mondays in April and October). The Vestingvaart and Beekdalvaart are sailed only on weekends.

You can also take a fun and educational theme cruise . Theme cruises focus on nature, art, culture or special historical sites. Special cruises focus on certain target groups (children, the less fortunate, people with intellectual disabilities, etc.). No tickets are sold for these.

You can also rent an entire boat for your own customized tour (e.g., for school trips, company outings, reunions, parties and celebrations).


  • Adults €6.00 regular cruises
  • Children up to 4 years of age sail for free