Amersfoort is European City of the Year

Amersfoorters, congratulations! Our city has been voted the best in Europe! The Academy of Urbanism jury praised the city for its unique heritage, progressive planning and the happiness and health of its residents.

Amersfoort was shortlisted for this coveted title along with Spain's Estepona and England's Exeter. The cities were judged by the jury on factors such as urban design quality, social cohesion, sustainability and city governance.

Jon Phipps of the organization said, "The well-being and happiness of all Amersfoort citizens is clearly at the heart of the issue. From measures to limit car access to the historic city center to the provision of diverse and quality affordable housing."

Amersfoort joins a nice list of other cities that have won this award. Berlin, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Porto and Rotterdam, among others, won the title in previous years. We can be proud of this!


As a matter of course, Mayor Lucas Bolsius is also extremely pleased with this news: "There is generations of work involved in building a city. Amersfoort has grown and modernized enormously in fifty years. At the same time, history and people have always remained emphatically central. As far as I am concerned, the recognition in this award is to all those Amersfoorters who work together day in and day out to make our city so special. From the smallest initiative to the furthest reaching plans for the future: Amersfoorters are always involved and active in their surroundings."


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