The Crested Gate is like a magical gate. As soon as you walk under it from the center, you step into a world full of exotic and adventurous places. Amersfoorters know this as the Kamp! In this part of downtown Amersfoort you will find the most special stores with their own character and surprising assortment. Stores with contemporary design, exclusive clothing and jewelry, food stores and cozy lunchrooms. The stores are often located in authentic buildings that have been restored with great care. When will you drop by?

Check out the Kamp GUIDE

At the Kamp, different cultures come together. You will find restaurants from different cuisines such as French, Indian, Dutch, Italian, Ethiopian and more. Besides delicious food, you can also store extensively. To make the offer clear, the one and only city guide was created. In it you will find fun facts and all kinds of tips for a day at Kamp. You can pick up the booklet at the tourist office or at many locations at Kamp such as Toko Tjin or Bij Sophie.

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It's always tea time - High Tea at the Kamp

At Kamp, you're never late for tea time and delicious pastries. At the beginning of the shopping area, for example, you'll find Tea Party. This fairytale spot has beautifully set tables, an abundance of beautiful teacups and pots and all kinds of fresh tea. On one of the side streets you will find SomethingElse, a homegrown tearoom with fantastic homeblend. Diagonally opposite this store is Anna's Smaakatelier by Anna Yilmaz, known from Heel Holland Bakt!


World cuisines - International food is what you do here!

For good food, the Kamp is the place to be. Fans of a quick bite or freshly prepared takeaway can go to Toko Tjin and Wit Lof. You can sample the taste of French cuisine at restaurant De Aubergerie. Prefer something a little more exotic? Then head to the Ethiopian restaurant Awazé, which serves both meat dishes and vegetarian food.

Discover the Kamp

In the video you will discover 5 reasons to visit Kamp. This street is home to a lot of places you may not have spotted before. For example, did you know that you can find a women's bathhouse there? And what about the many craft stores?

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De Kamp
  • De Kamp

Shops, shops, shops - All about the looks

You rarely find a more diverse range of stores in one shopping street. For fashion, you can visit Keizerin and Fashion Livy (among others?). Do you think sustainable shopping is important? Then take a look at second-hand store Terre des Hommes!


For your looks, make an appointment at Double F Cosmetics. What about your jewelry? At Kamp you'll find several jewelers and even a goldsmith. Outdoor enthusiasts, don't fret: there's also a Beaver here!

Everything for your INTERIOR!

At Kamp you will find several interior design stores and also a flower shop: All Seasons. Which you can use to brighten up your home even further. Art lovers will also find something to their liking here: just walk in to Jans Pakhuys, PIEN, Picture @ Home or J&L Lijstmakerij.



Discover the Kamp - We gathered all the locations

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