City of boulders and city of music. Amersfoort is both: the Kei is on the Stadsring, music is everywhere. Sounds and harmonies, rhythms and melodies: wander through the historic center and you will hear them. Where do they come from? The answer follows naturally. Before you know it, the rousing sounds will take you away, bring a euphoric smile to your face and make you dance as only stone-age music can.

Where are you, anyway? Good question. In one of the city's many venues anyway, face to face with local promises or experienced giants. The Amersfoort tradition is rich, the future promising. Experience it for yourself. Come to 033 and immerse yourself in urban sounds. We will show you the way. Because there is so much to choose from and so much to enjoy. A warm welcome to the music lover - this is Amersfoort Music City!

The Amersfoort Playlist

The tastiest music by artists from local soil. Tune in to the sounds of Diggy Dex, Blaudzun, Bizzey, Miss Montreal, Until We Meet Again and many more!



Amersfoort is buzzing with live music. On every street corner you will be surprised by the most diverse sounds. Some highlights:


  • FLUOR: the place for live music, where you can enjoy both emerging bands and established names.
  • Café Miles: for lovers of jazz and blues, an intimate setting with regular fantastic live performances.
  • Pitchers: a vibrant music cafe with weekly jam sessions and varying performances
  • Boothill Saloon: since 1988, Amersfoorters have been coming to this lively spot for a hearty helping of live music!

These spots are just the tip of the iceberg. Amersfoort is rich in venues where you can enjoy live music while supporting local artists.

Amersfoort is also home to some spectacular festivals. Some of the offerings include:


  • Into The Woods: a magical festival in the middle of the forests surrounding Amersfoort.
  • Amersfoort World Jazz : where you can enjoy the crème de la crème of the jazz world.
  • Dias Latinos: the largest and freely accessible Latin festival in the Netherlands
  • Musica Mundo: rhythms from around the world come together during this festival in the Onze Lieve Vrouwekerkhof


Amersfoort has a number of local heroes you should definitely check out. These artists and many others make Amersfoort a city where music is in the DNA. From rappers to singer-songwriters and from DJs to the record boss of Top Notch / Noah's Ark: you will discover them here!



As a musician you naturally want only one thing: to play, play, play! Fortunately, there are plenty of places in Amersfoort where you can practice your talent. Here are a number of practice rooms and recording studios where you can go if you are from Amersfoort and surroundings.

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Whether you are a seasoned concertgoer or just looking for a fun night out, Amersfoort has something for everyone. The city invites you to immerse yourself in music, discover local talents and participate in the many events that take place throughout the year. Let yourself be guided by the sounds that reverberate through the streets and discover why Amersfoort can rightly be called a city of music.

Experience it for yourself in Amersfoort

Are you ready to lose yourself in the musical magic of Amersfoort? Whether you're looking for an evening of live music, a day at a festival or just want to enjoy the city's musical atmosphere, Amersfoort welcomes you with open arms. Discover local artists, be surprised by the diversity of music genres and be part of the vibrant music scene Amersfoort has to offer. Your musical adventure starts here!

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