Fond of vegan food and want to make sure you're served something delicious when you go out to dinner with friends? Or are you thinking about going vegan more often and want to try a dish? These are restaurants that have a wide selection of vegan dishes or can veganize existing dishes for you.

Pure, delicious and fresh at Het Lokaal!

With at least 75% of vega(n) lunch dishes and a full vegan dinner, Het Lokaal is definitely a place to go for dinner. Dinner is a set menu, made from what the season and 'country have to offer today. So this can be different every day, which is why you don't choose from a long menu. The only doubt is: how many courses will you go for? Be surprised by the vegan & local flavors! Address: Oliemolenhof 90

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Unlimited veggie & vegan at Rozey's

Recommended by many Amersfoorters, this all-inclusive restaurant is not to be missed! Rozey focuses its menu entirely on vegas and vegans. Address: Kleine koppel 6c

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Healthy, delicious and easy food at SEM Lettuce and more
Vegan food SLA

At SEM Lettuce and More, enjoy a well-stocked salad (which you can put together yourself), a warming stew, tasty pasta with vegan cheese or crispy falafel with vegetables. Address: Kortegracht 6

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Combine Yoga with lunch at Bindi

At Bindi, everything is vegan - freshly made soups, well-filled wraps, beautiful bowls, spicy curries, salads or the famous bindi burger. The toppings of this burger are always the same, the vegan burger itself is a surprise. They work as organically and sustainably as possible with seasonal produce. Address: Bergstraat 6

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Ethiopian vegan at Awazé

Ethiopian restaurant Awazé has a wide selection of vegan dishes. This beautiful building on the Kamp has a nice atmosphere and a kitchen where delicious spicy smells emanate. For a good meal without animal products, be sure to visit here. Address: Kamp 48

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Tell me honestly: Did you get such a huge craving for all that delicious food right now? Sorry not sorry!

Even more vegan: - For when you haven't eaten out yet!

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