Tell yourself: a day of shopping is never boring, is it? There are plenty of stores to be found in the main shopping streets of cities. But what are the gems that make a city really special? Together with a friend I dived into the side streets and alleys of Amersfoort. Looking for those cute little boutiques that give that little extra to your day of shopping. Our top 5 are listed below. There are undoubtedly new and undiscovered gems among them. Have fun shopping!

These boutiques will make your day shopping in Amersfoort special

Why we are such a fan of the smaller, independent clothing stores? That's simple: the unique, varied and special collections. Make no mistake, we too can be found at Zara, Scotch & Soda, Esprit and Costes. But when we go to another city to shop, the boutiques make the experience unique. There you often find special brands and collections that you don't find in your own city. In addition, each store is different in terms of decor and atmosphere. This also makes a visit special.

So in other cities these kinds of stores are 'really our thing'. But as real Amersfoorters we had to admit that we did not know the boutiques in our own city very well. Time to change that of course! We have 5 nice boutiques in Amersfoort listed for you.

1. Roots

Boetiekjes roots
You will findRoots in the coziest street in Amersfoort: the Krommestraat. You will see that there are more boutiques in this list that you will find in this street.

When we step into Roots, we don't know where to start. The colorful clothes are calling us! If you are of the unique garments and love to stand out, then you have come to the right place at Roots. The store is beautiful, the staff friendly and the clothes more beautiful than beautiful. In short: you will see us back here more often.

Are you a doubting ass like me? Then it's good to know they have a webshop. Then you can just order the pants you really wanted to buy. Do you live in Amersfoort? Then they deliver the same day between 18:00 - 21:00 and for free.

Address: Krommestraat24-26

2. Liberty Lifestyle

You would walk right past this store, but we advise you not to. Liberty is a very nice boutique! Not only the clothes are beautiful. The interior of the store is cool. We feel right at home.

That sense of home, by the way, may also be due to the beautiful sofa in the store. We get talking to the owner and what turns out? Liberty also offers interior design advice! The sofa can be ordered. So not only your looks, but also those of your home can be taken care of in detail at Liberty.

Once at checkout, yes we have succumbed to beautiful sweaters and blouses, we are still tempted by subtle necklaces, earrings and rings. We manage to control ourselves and leave those hanging for now. At least for today.

Address: Kortegracht 5

3. Las Lunas
Boetiekjes las lunas

If there is a unique boutique with its own style, it is Las Lunas. You will also find this store on the Krommestraat. You will be greeted friendly and the cup of coffee is already ready! The staff is happy to help you put together the perfect outfit. You will find brands from many different countries. So it is almost impossible: there is something cool for you too.

In addition to clothing, you've come to the right place for jewelry. From subtle earrings to bold necklaces; they have it all! Have you never run out or is your item still not among them? New pieces are added to the collection every two weeks.

Address: Krommestraat 20

4. Boutique

Is sustainability important to you? Then you should definitely stop by Boetiek. They try to sell as many products with organic/organic and therefore responsible origins as possible.

You can buy beautiful, colorful clothes here. Made of beautiful fabrics and good materials. However, we walked on pretty quickly to the area with the fun gadgets. From special vases, candles, notebooks to the cutest children's toys. Lovely to browse among and you are guaranteed to find an original gift here for a birthday or baby shower.

What stuck with us: the decorations for inside a plant. A golden monkey, a birdcage or a chameleon. Original and so cute! An additional tip: Boetiek is located near the Kamp. We also definitely recommend a visit to this area.

Address: Zuidsingel 70

5. The Little Shop of Colours
Boetiekjes little shop

At Roots and Las Lunas we already saw a lot of color, but if you really love color then you can't skip The Little Shop of Colours. The cheerfulness radiates from the window. When you enter, you really feel like you're in the middle of a rainbow.

Ellen and Roos, mother and daughter, run this store. Their goal? To give the streets a little more color. No boring shades of brown, but striking colors, shapes and patterns.

Address: Krommestraat 12

Many more cute boutiques in Amersfoort

Now this is our top 5, but of course there are many more cute boutiques in Amersfoort. Want to discover them all? Then ask in one of the stores above for the map of Het leukste uit Amersfoort: I've got a crush on Amersfoort. There are many more cozy boutiques, restaurants and cafes on it. Of course you can also go exploring on your own and stroll through the cozy streets of Amersfoort. Have fun shopping!

Photo header: Roots Amersfoort