Sports are an important part of our society. Fortunately, Amersfoort is also equipped with beautiful and fine outdoor sports locations. So are you looking for a nice place to enjoy outdoor sports? Then join my adventure through the world of sports in Amersfoort!

1. Calisthenics Park Newland

Adres: Laan van Duurzaamheid 11, 3824 DZ Amersfoort

Do you train graat with your own weight? Then go to Calisthenics Park Nieuwland in Amersfoort-North. This little park features a climbing frame that allows you to train every muscle group. Go for a set of pull-ups or train your triceps and chest with the effective tricep dips! Is the fitness workout not enough and you still fancy another sport? Right next to the park is a soccer club, so there's room for a game of soccer too!

2. Urban Sports Park Amersfoort

Also in this little park you can enjoy working out with your own weight. This almost new park consists of a number of racks where you can easily do many types of exercises. Don't feel like training with your own body weight? Then go (kick) boxing with the punching ball that hangs there during the summer months. There is also room to play soccer or basketball on the square next to the Urban Sports Park.

Adres: Wezeperberg 8, 3825 DJ Amersfoort

3. Obstacle/Trim track Soesterduinen.

Adres: Sparrenlaan, 3768 BG Soest

Are you a real adventurer and love being in nature? Then the sports facilities at the Soesterduinen are a very nice option for you. In fact, this is one of my favorite places to exercise outdoors, as you can take a whole route of different sports activities. From small obstacle courses to stability exercises and exercises with your own body weight. Should you still have energy after this route, you can also take a nice walk through the woods, you will be amazed!

4. Running in park Randenbroek

If you want to go for a nice run around the city of Amersfoort you will soon end up at park Randenbroek. This park used to be a medieval estate and house. So you will have plenty to see during your sporty ride through this park! Will you choose a medieval experience at park Randenbroek?

Adres: Rubensstraat 53, 3817 EB Amersfoort

5. Skeel along the Eem

Adres: Bernard de Roijstraat, 3813 TE Amersfoort

Not a fan of running but like to be outdoors? I prefer to follow a route along the river Eem because it is a nice road and you can make the route as long as you want. Check out the route here!

All in all, there are plenty of fun outdoor sports activities to do in Amersfoort that can challenge your healthy lifestyle. Would you like to join a sports event in Amersfoort? Check our sports page for upcoming events.