What better way to combine a sunny day than a lovely outdoor picnic? Lazing around together, reading, playing games and eating tasty snacks while enjoying the sunshine. Amersfoort has plenty of enchanting picnic spots to choose from! We have listed a few fine locations where you can best roll out your rug.

Watergate Monnikendam

This is the most perfect picnic spot in Amersfoort. There is grass, there are trees, it is not too far from the center, you sit by the water and the watergate provides a great backdrop for a picnic selfie. Do we need to say more?


This is the most famous picnic spot around the center of Amersfoort. Not only because it is a cool walking route, but also because this park has an interesting history. Curious about this history? In the park you will find all kinds of signs explaining the history of this park.

Park Randenbroek

Here young and old come to spend time: from children running around in the playground to the elderly taking a stroll. The park is large enough that everyone can go about their business without bothering each other. In addition, Park Randenbroek has the perfect mix of shady spots under tall trees and open areas where you can enjoy the sun. In short, everything you need for a cozy picnic!

City Park Elisabeth Groen

This city park is fairly new in Amersfoort. The Elisabeth Hospital used to stand here, now it has been transformed into a beautiful green park. The hospital's former Ketelhuis has been transformed into a real Park House, where you can get a delicious pastry or drink if you forgot it in your picnic basket.

On the Kortegracht

You can also have a great picnic in the middle of downtown. Take the Kortegracht, for example. Get a delicious ice cream at ice cream parlor San Marco and enjoy the sunshine while dangling your feet above the water.

Along the Eem

Do you like to escape the hustle and bustle? Then the Eem is the perfect location for you! Choose a spot in the grass by the water or use one of the landscaped picnic tables. The Eem is as long as 19 kilometers, so plenty of room.

Extra fun: combine your picnic on the Eem with our rollerblading route!

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