When I walk through Amersfoort, I sometimes feel like a tourist in my own city. Through the beautiful Koppelpoort and Monnikendam I experience the Middle Ages and catch myself again: let's take a picture! But which places should you really not miss if you come to Amersfoort, or maybe even if you already live there? All this is vas laid out in our route that is perfect to do by scooter. This way you can see a lot of extra beauty!

I will take you with this route, so you really don't miss anything when you are in this city. Oh yes, you can do this by scooter. But if you prefer to walk, bike, scooter, step or however, please note that in downtown Amersfoort you are only allowed to walk. Okay let's go!

Which mode of transportation do you choose?

We went on a scooter ride! We picked up these beautiful two-wheelers at Fun Event. Here we got a clear explanation of how the scooters work. You can also rent other means of transportation here such as bicycles and e-choppers. Perfect for a route like this!

Buuf in the Greenhouse

Since we obviously don't want to step on an empty stomach, we decide to have a coffee with a delicious cake at Buuf in the Greenhouse first. Here you can enjoy artisanal, homemade cake and more both in the Serre and on the terrace!

Then we step over the Monnikendam, a gem, sometimes forgotten by tourists. If you ask me, because of the view and the city park, this is the most beautiful spot in Amersfoort. From here you can also clearly see the Onze Lieve Vrouwetoren already. So put the scooter aside and enjoy!

Amersfoort is known for its beautiful historic downtown. The Muurhuizen is a circular street in the center of Amersfoort with beautiful medieval houses.

Cool squares of Amersfoort

If you ask Amersfoorters where to go out, they all say "The Hof!". Here you have nice eateries during the day and you can go for a good drink. At night you can go out here. Also fun: drop by the Appelmarkt and Groenmarkt, so you can enjoy more than 300 different kinds of beer at Biercafé de Dikke Koning: from local beer to international brands. Do you like lavish and want to feast your eyes? Then drop by Dikke Dirck or Dolle Diva. On Lieve Vrouwekerkhof you will find delicious catering establishments and of course not to forget: Our Lieve Vrouwetoren.

Sweetheart Cemetery

We make a stop at the Stadscafé Amersfoort, to give our legs a rest. The Stadscafé is the ideal place for a nice drink, lunch and dinner, but of course you can also just go there for a good cup of coffee.

And another little tip from me for you: be sure to stop by the undiscovered spot: the Krankeledenplantsoen! This is hidden behind the Boothill Saloon and Long John's Pub. Here you can really enjoy sitting on the terrace by the water and you have a nice view of the tower.

Not to be missed: the Koppelpoort

We step through to the Koppelpoort, one of the most famous sites in Amersfoort. It is a combination of a land and water gate and is the only one in the Netherlands in this regard. Surely this is a picture!

Culture can also be found in the New City

Besides a beautiful medieval city, Amersfoort also has a modern part. In the New City, you can explore creativity, eat delicious food, or visit pop stage FLUOR in the evening. You can also get a map, or take a workshop at Letterpers in the city studio.

Het Lokaal

At Het Lokaalwe had delicious - as the name suggests - local food. In addition to a restaurant, they also have a store selling local products. I saw one of the most beautiful cakes I have ever seen. When I asked if they made it themselves I got the answer, "Yes, we had some left over, so we made this out of it. SO cool! You can also take various workshops here. Time to pick up the scooter again and scoot to the next location.

Relaxing on the Eem

When your belly is full again and you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a while... head to the Eem! Before you get to the Eem, pass by the Eemhaven. This is another beautiful part of Amersfoort with both the Koppelpoort, and the Eemplein within easy reach. Once you arrive at the Eem, you are in a completely different world for a moment. Enjoy the peace that Amersfoort also has to offer and sit back and relax along the water.

Tip: Bring a nice picnic basket or do something sporty

Toasting to the Keistad at Rock City

The day can end with a tasty beer from Rock City. This brewery also has a brewpub in an atmospheric industrial building. That's a tasty end to a day of stepping in Amersfoort, isn't it?

Rather not have beers but finish with a cocktail? Check out our cocktail blog.

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