Discovering Amersfoort? This is how you do it!

The special thing about Amersfoort is that you have many diverse areas, squares and streets here. Walk into the city or take a bike and see for yourself. One thing is for sure: with these tips you will discover the city in a spectacular way!



Areas of Amersfoort - For true adventurers, there is plenty to see in our city

When are you coming over?

Amersfoort is one of the nicest shopping cities. Whether you come for a day or a weekend, this city has an array of unique stores, boutiques and more.

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Full of picturesque monuments, authentic stores, special restaurants and museum the Mondrian House!

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Museum Quarter

Amersfoort is bursting with history and culture. Dive into a museum and visit impressive exhibitions at Kunsthal KAdE and Museum Flehite.

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Kei Quarter

The Keikwartier is a unique shopping area in the center of Amersfoort. With diverse specialties, both within hospitality and retail.

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De Kamp

Special stores, places and authentic buildings with their own character. Have you ever walked through the Kamperbinnenpoort?

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The Hof

The square full of special cafes and restaurants, cozy markets and views of the Sint-Joriskerk.

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Sweetheart Cemetery

Cozy cafes, movie theater AND The Our Lieve Vrouwetoren!

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Apple Market / Groenmarkt

A nice and cozy square in Amersfoort with nice catering businesses!

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Sint Jorisplein

Be surprised by the wide range of major chains and fun local stores in fashion, beauty and lifestyle, among others.

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Langestraat is the longest shopping street in downtown Amersfoort with a diversity of stores.

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In one of the side streets of Langestraat you will find the nicest street in Amersfoort: The Krommestraat. With local entrepreneurs that make our city so special.

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De Nieuwe Stad

Near downtown Amersfoort you will find De Nieuwe Stad: a dynamic place with both a historical and a modern soul.

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An appealing town square with lots of stores, large restaurant chains and the Eemhuis!

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Featured: the MondrIan Quarterly

The neighborhood in Amersfoort where you will find Kortegracht and Muurhuizen with its beautiful historic buildings, stores by local entrepreneurs who know what they are doing, coffee shops and restaurants with undiscovered terraces and - don't miss - museum the Mondrian House!

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PleInes in Amersfoort - Extended drinks are always a good idea. Cheers!

Streets of Amersfoort - Walk through the city or take a bike and discover much more

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